Celebrate Independents: WSPC Renews NCPA Membership Benefits

Celebrate independents! As part of WSPC’s mission to provide outstanding pharmacies with a competitive edge, WSPC continues to invest in our members with NCPA membership.  All performing WSPC members now receive an NCPA annual membership, a value of $395, giving WSPC members a key advocate and business partner.

Why is WSPC offering this benefit to our members?


We want your voice to be heard

WSPC knows the power of membership and advocacy. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to be involved in the future of pharmacy. Your voice is important, and NCPA serves as a megaphone for the voice of community pharmacies. NCPA membership adds your voice to their advocacy efforts at both the state and federal level. Here are some hot topics NCPA is focused on currently:

  • DIR Fees
  • PBM Transparency
  • Provider Status for Pharmacists

Read more about NPCA’s advocacy efforts and activities

We want you to experience the benefits, deals and discounts of NCPA

NCPA members get exclusive discounts for programs and services that help you grow your business and deliver the very best care to your patients, including:

  • Simplify My Meds® medication synchronization program
  • Digital Pharmacist, a provider of robust digital and communications solutions.
  • Vantiv, a competitive program that helps you save on credit and debit processing fees
  • Exclusive legislative updates and member communications

See a full list of benefits

How to make a difference

Getting involved in the future direction of our profession is key, and NCPA membership makes it easier than ever to participate:

NCPA has served 22,000+ independent community pharmacists for 118 years, and we trust their unparalleled experience. We feel their innovative approach is necessary for the evolution and success of independent community pharmacies in our current changing healthcare environment. That’s why we invite every performing member of WSPC to take advantage of the value NCPA membership brings to independent pharmacies.