Founded by Independent Pharmacists, Serving Independent Pharmacists

WSPC is a cooperative of outstanding independent pharmacies. The leaders of WSPC are seasoned independent pharmacy owners, and our staff has significant experience in the pharmacy business. In short, we know the independent pharmacy model inside and out, and our combined experience ensures highest quality services and benefits for our members.

We Leverage Our Wide-Ranging Experience for Our Members

Accessible and Knowledgeable

Our member pharmacies have the opportunity to work with their national advisors, who are experienced independent pharmacy owners. Our staff is available with tools, advice and resources that help you improve your bottom line. Have a question? We can help.

Diverse and Wide-Ranging Experience

Our board members, staff, and national advisors have years of experience buying, selling, owning and transforming independent pharmacies of all types—full line, clinical, apothecary, specialty, compounding and more. We understand your business.

Strong Relationships in the Industry

Our members are able to leverage WSPC’s long-term connections with our primary wholesaler and our other suppliers. We’ve established exclusive contacts for you, and can help you navigate those relationships.

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WSPC staff Value Driven. Member Focused.


co·op·er·a·tive | noun

A business or other organization which is owned and run jointly by its members, who share the profits or benefits.

"As a member of WSPC, you are part of a cooperative of outstanding independent pharmacies!”


To provide outstanding independent pharmacies with a competitive edge.


To be the premier coalition that provides innovative resources and programs to support successful and profitable independent pharmacies.


  • Professional. We are loyal, ethical and team-oriented.
  • Accountable. We are committed to keeping our promises to members and with the vendors with which we have contracts.
  • Focused on patient care. We are dedicated to independent pharmacies and passionate about helping them provide the highest quality patient care.
  • Community involvement. We are a community of independent pharmacies who are committed to each other and to each of our local communities too.
  • Growth-oriented. We are strategic forward-thinkers constantly looking for growth opportunities.

Our Statement of Commitment

We’re a proud coalition of independent pharmacy members who share a commitment to achieving the highest-quality patient care. We hold each other accountable, and we take contributing seriously. By collectively aligning with the terms of our contract, we help each other accomplish our common goals.


After retiring as a Vice President at AmerisourceBergen Drug Company, WSPC Founder and Former President, Bob Dominguez, (pictured at right) met up with one of his good friends and former clients, Mike Douglas.

Bob and Mike both felt that many independent pharmacy stores working together to negotiate with suppliers could receive a better deal than an individual store by itself. To that end, Bob suggested they form a coalition of Good Neighbor Pharmacy owners. Together with other pharmacy owners, including our current Executive Vice President, Board Secretary,  Jerry Van Pevenage, Bob and Mike co-founded the Tri-States Pharmacy Coalition, serving Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Since we did not officially have organization funds, Mike presented Bob with $1.00 to legally form the organization.

In 2013, we changed our name to Western States Pharmacy Coalition to reflect our growing geographical reach and hired our first employee. We grew in 2014 to include Generics and Member Services, and launched our semi-annual news magazine in 2015. Our first Strategic Business Managers were hired in 2016; in 2017, we further developed our network of Regional Leaders.

In 2018, John Bruce, PharmD, became President & CEO. A former independent pharmacy owner, John challenged us to grow our membership and expand our services. His leadership is informed by an intimate understanding of the challenges that independent pharmacists face.

Bob Dominguez passed away in 2019, 10 years after founding WSPC. Through his dedicated and skilled guidance, we grew from an idea to a robust network of pharmacies. In 2019, we also officially changed our name from Western States Pharmacy Coalition to WSPC, extending our reach to the Midwest, South, and East Coast. Our important Regional Leaders are now called National Advisors, reflecting their key role in advocating for fellow independent pharmacists. WSPC represents the Well-Served Pharmacy Community, an outstanding coalition of independent pharmacies.


Meet our Board of Directors & Support Staff

All of our board members are actively leading WSPC and are happy to answer your questions. Simply submit a message using our contact form and we will be in touch.

Board of Directors

Organizational Team

National Advisors