Video of Kevin DeMass featured in Pharmacy Times

WSPC Board Chairman Kevin DeMass Featured in Pharmacy Times

In Pharmacy Times’ Independent Corner, Community Pharmacy Consultant Bruce Kneeland speaks with Kevin DeMass, RPh, WSPC Board Chairman and President of Apothecary Shoppe, about specialized medicines and purchasing contracts: Bruce Kneeland: Do you have any special circumstances or contracts or ability to purchase better? For example, are you a 340B entity? Kevin DeMass, RPh: We… Read more »

Law & Ethics

California State Board of Pharmacy Announces New CE Requirements

The California State Board of Pharmacy has recently announced new continuing education (CE) requirements for California pharmacists. California pharmacists must now submit proof of 30 hours of CE every two years, and two of those must be used for a law and ethics course provided by the Board. This new CE requirement will take effect… Read more »

Decision Automation for Pharmacies—Technology Empowering Humanity

The patient population is increasing, but the number of primary care physicians is not keeping pace. Studies predict a shortage of up to 121,300 physicians by 2030. To address this shortfall, some states are empowering pharmacists to take on more primary care activities. For example, Idaho has empowered pharmacists to prescribe for a range of… Read more »

Compounding: Are You There Yet?

by Eugene Medley, PharmD, MS; Owner, Sea View Pharmacy; Regional Leader, WSPC We have all heard it before: “Compounding can help recover lost revenue from decreased reimbursement from the monopolistic terrorists.” Yet what does it take to really perform and get into that revenue stream? Hopefully the information provided here will help you increase efficiencies,… Read more »

Boosted Social Media

Building Relationships with Boosted Social Media Posts

It’s about being social. It’s about connecting with people. It’s about building a relationship. Sharing fun events and local causes engages customers, breaks down barriers, and helps them feel more comfortable when it comes to asking important questions. “As we saw what was going on with TV, we knew we needed to get a different… Read more »

Brian Nightengale, President, Good Neighbor Pharmacy

Q&A with Brian Nightengale, President, Good Neighbor Pharmacy

By John Bruce, PharmD, CEO WSPC and Brian Nightengale, RPh, PhD, President, Good Neighbor Pharmacy At ThoughtSpot 2018, you announced the redesign of the Good Neighbor Pharmacy program structure. Why were these changes made? Last year, we conducted in-depth market research with pharmacists and patients from across the country to gain insight into how the marketplace… Read more »

Retail Trends in Pharmacy

How Retail Trends Are Changing the Pharmacy Game

Contributed by AmerisourceBergen Opportunity has never been greater for independent pharmacies. Retail trends point to the rise of consumer preference for distinctive, locally owned businesses while a cultural shift in values has elevated the importance of leading a healthier, more meaningful life. By leaning into the inherent qualities that enable them to meet those desires… Read more »

Our New Digital World

Our New, Digital World

There are many positive things about the growth of our digital world. One undeniable benefit is Google’s ability to help people find businesses they are looking for. Yet we’re continually amazed by how many pharmacies are missing this opportunity. Our data indicates that over 50 percent of independent pharmacies don’t have a website. “Doing business… Read more »

10 Tips for New Pharmacy Managers

By Jason Poquette, RPh, DrugTopics Remember that class in pharmacy school about being an effective manager? No? Neither do I. Typically, pharmacists have very little (if any) real training for the demands of managing a pharmacy. While pharmacy school does a great job preparing you for clinical questions related to drug therapy, there’s typically no… Read more »