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Dutch Atchley of Ojai Rexall

Dutch Atchley Keeps Ojai Rexall Ready for Emergencies

Bob Dominguez Achievement Award Nominee By Mike Maltais Dutch Atchley is prepared for emergencies because he has experienced several. As the owner of Ojai Rexall in Ojai, California, Dutch has experienced flood, earthquake, and, most recently, wildfire and has learned the value of being prepared for whatever comes next. “I have all the backup systems,”… Read more »

Jasmine Basrai, COO Haller’s Pharmacies

Empathy, Accuracy, and Timeliness are Haller’s Trademarks

Bob Dominguez Achievement Award Nominee By Mike Maltais Empathy. Accuracy. Timely. These are the guiding principles of Haller’s Group of Pharmacies that serve East Bay communities through their nine stores in Salinas, Gilroy, and Fremont, California. Jasmine Basrai, Chief Operating Officer, oversees Haller’s range of services and products including hospice care, compounding, retail services, medical… Read more »

KTA Super Stores: Big Island Pharmacist Makes Her Mark on Paradise

Bob Dominguez Achievement Award Nominee By Mike Maltais If pharmacist Kerri Okamura of KTA has her way—and don’t bet against her—the entire island of Hawaii will eventually be immunized as part of her vision to promote the health and well-being of Big Island residents. As Director of Pharmacy Operations for KTA Super Stores, Kerri identified… Read more »

Good Neighbor Pharmacy Logo

Social Media with Good Neighbor Pharmacy

“Creating your pharmacy and business digital presence is vital in today’s market. Energized Good Neighbor Pharmacy social media services help define, support, and maximize your pharmacy marketing strategy. With the help of Good Neighbor Pharmacy, you can customize advertising, evaluate reach, and learn how to manage your reputation.” – Erica Willson, Senior Marketing Director, WSPC… Read more »

The Value of Selecting the Right Pharmacy System for your Business

As the preferred technology system for WSPC, Computer-Rx and Rx30 are integral factors to the success of many member pharmacies. This successful partnership with TDS, who owns Computer-Rx and Rx30, already has over 60 percent of WSPC members taking advantage of the latest in pharmacy system technology. As TDS programs grow, it will further enable… Read more »

Recipe for Success: Front-End Profit Tips

Creating a successful front-end pharmacy is much like having a special recipe. Today’s pharmacies are ever-changing to stay profitable. Pharmacists must always be looking for new revenue opportunities. The ingredients of a successful pharmacy are: top-selling OTC items, finding niche products and services, driving foot traffic, and creating a personalized shopping experience. Knowing your customer… Read more »

The team at Malheur Drug in Vale, Oregon

WSPC Member Malheur Drug Celebrates 65 Years in Business

On Sept 3, 2019, Malheur Drug in Vale, Oregon celebrated its 65th anniversary! Current owners Adam and Jennifer Tolman credit many reasons for the pharmacy’s long-lasting success, but first and foremost they say that community is key. “When you support the community, the community supports you.” Jen is the pharmacist and Adam manages the store…. Read more »

NCPA 2019 Convention & Expo

NCPA’s 2019 Annual Convention & Expo

As your role in health care is changing, the NCPA convention is where you can discover ways to transform your pharmacy business. Come prepared to learn, grow, and seize the moment. With more than 30 sessions designed to speed your evolution as a trusted health care provider and a successful entrepreneur, the NCPA Annual Convention… Read more »

Harness Your Data and Improve Your Bottom Line

More than 75 percent of your pharmacy’s business is filling scripts. A simple review of your purchasing habits can easily improve your bottom line. You’re a pharmacist and not a data analyst, but you have built in reports in your pharmacy system and can leverage the analytics from your trusted WSPC partner to help you… Read more »