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The Prescription Pad: Independent Pharmacy is Multi-State Success

Bob Dominguez Achievement Award Nominee

By Mike Maltais

Trenton Jenks, owner of The Prescription Pad

Trenton Jenks, owner of The Prescription Pad.

Trenton Jenks, the owner of The Prescription Pad, an independent Good Neighbor Pharmacy in Fruitland, Idaho, is not one to let a little thing like a major river serve as a boundary to business. That’s why many of his customers come from across the river in Oregon, increasing his client base by multiples over his hometown.

An innovative networker, Trenton has applied his outside-the-box approach to both professional and client relationships. Working with a hospital CEO, he started a program called Patient Bed Side where he and staff delivered medications to patient bedsides as a convenience to confined patients.

Every Valentine’s Day, Prescription Pad staff distribute 350 roses to the women in physicians’ offices and vet clinics. “The first year it was so popular the men asked where their gift was,” says Trenton. “They now include Big Hunk candy bars.”

The Prescription Pad sets up some two dozen immunization clinics a year at schools, sporting events, companies and other locations to promote vaccinations against flu, shingles and other illnesses.

In 2015, Trenton joined with an Eagle Scout and established a local MedSafe station—a medication safe-disposal site where patients can safely drop off unused or expired medications, which are then sent to a disposal site in Houston, Texas.

The Pet Patient Board at the pharmacy works in conjunction with veterinarians and assists with medications for local pets.

When the Treasure Valley Community College lost all four members of their nursing program faculty, leaving the department understaffed, Trenton stepped in with an offer to teach a pharmacy class to help fill the void. He also teaches classes at the College of Western Idaho.

An innovative networker, Trenton has applied his outside-the-box approach to both professional and client relationships.
Trenton supports the local hospice facilities in the belief that all hospices need a pharmacy. He even devised a way to profit share with a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) and make hospice profitable.

He is a member of Chamber of Commerce member for Malheur County, Payette County, and Fruitland, a WSPC 2017 NW Regional Leader, and current member of the NHPCO Steering Committee for Pharmacists. He also volunteers for the Fruitland Spring Fair.

The Prescription Pad is a member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America which ensures that quality ingredients are combined to exacting strength and dosage.

The pharmacy’s mission says: “As your trusted community pharmacy, we affirm health, wellness, and life through legendary customer service and quality education.”

A phrase from the company website,, might best sum up Trenton’s approach to business: “We do things a bit differently, and that’s the way we like it!”