Chris O'Lear

New WSPC Team Member: Welcome Chris O’Lear!

We’re excited to welcome Chris O’Lear to our team as our new Vice President of Sales!

Chris enjoyed a successful career on Wall Street, where he forged long lasting client relationships over the course of 22 years. He built global sales teams (from Hong Kong to Brazil) that were dedicated to delivering the best products available to help their clients succeed. Many of those clients are still lifelong friends, with relationships that extend well beyond the scope of investments, like taking family trips together or enjoying a casual hike on a Saturday afternoon.

“I’m going to be a strong advocate for the success of independent pharmacies.”
Chris has experienced high levels of success in the financial world, but he walked away to relocate to Portland, where his wife has roots, to raise his young family and to focus on a career that does good for others. He comes from a family of physicians and grew up using independent pharmacies as he still does today, so the mission of WSPC is a perfect fit. Chris is excited to use his dedication to his clients and his sales management experience to supporting community health care and independent business.

Chris says, “I’m going to be a strong advocate for the success of independent pharmacies.” He brings his energy, openness to listen, and creative problem solving to empower your pharmacy. Why don’t you contact Chris for coffee or a hike and understand how WSPC could support you?

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