The Value of Selecting the Right Pharmacy System for your Business

As the preferred technology system for WSPC, Computer-Rx and Rx30 are integral factors to the success of many member pharmacies. This successful partnership with TDS, who owns Computer-Rx and Rx30, already has over 60 percent of WSPC members taking advantage of the latest in pharmacy system technology. As TDS programs grow, it will further enable WSPC to leverage information to help our pharmacies grow and protect their businesses. We spoke to two WSPC members that use just about every component of Computer-Rx and Rx30 for their perspective on these systems and how they have each benefitted from them.

Vic’s Family Pharmacies: Nampa, ID

Vic Allen

Vic Allen, owner of Vic’s Family Pharmacies

Vic Allen opened his first pharmacy in 1988 and has taken advantage of opportunities that led to more pharmacies. Vic positioned his practices so that he could succeed against fierce chain and big-box competition by doing the things well that they could not do at all. His pharmacies have grown to service special packaging needs of residential care and LTC patients. Vic has remodeled his pharmacies over the years to keep his pharmacies efficient and has been very successful in compounded prescriptions. He made the investment in a state-of-the-art lab located in a 5,500 square foot pharmacy and added DME and nutritional supplements to his growing business.

Continued technological growth is important to Vic as he continues to create pharmacy practices that thrive in today’s tough marketplace.
Computer-Rx is the pharmacy system that Vic converted to from Cerner-Etreby. Vic had several referrals to look at Computer-Rx from peers, including other WSPC members. Ease of use, especially for compounding, made a big difference to Vic and his staff. Another key ingredient was the data conversion from his current platform. With Computer-Rx, Vic was provided two contacts during the go-live process and post-conversion to make certain that he and his team had a good experience.

No stranger to re-modeling, Computer-Rx’s workflow was also a key component for Vic’s Family Pharmacies. The ability to segment his three data entry stations from his fill and review process has been useful, and he uses the workflow philosophy even in the compounding lab. Security, safety, and transparency are all important to Vic. Matching up the right floor plan, staff positioning, and technology have made Vic’s Family Pharmacy more efficient at beating the competition with faster service and broader care offerings.

Vic's Family Pharmacy“Computer-Rx’s logical flow is awesome!” said Vic.

Continued technological growth is important to Vic as he continues to create pharmacy practices that thrive in today’s tough marketplace. Innovations in claims interventions and automated prior authorizations have helped with workflow and helped eliminate wasted staff time that can be used for patient care. Having all of his pharmacy platforms integrated all the way to the point of sale means a business that is easier to track and monitor, while driving service excellence at every patient interaction. Vic is now looking forward to taking advantage of MTM solutions with Computer-Rx and EMS to provide enhanced, revenue-driving clinical services.

Apothecary Shoppe: Salt Lake City, UT

Kevin DeMass, President and CEO of Apothecary Shoppe Inc, WSPC Chairman of the Board, and Good Neighbor Pharmacy National Advisor

Kevin DeMass is the second-generation owner of the Apothecary Shoppe. This pharmacy was relocated on the Salt Lake Regional Medical Center Campus and has a long history of inter-community connection and clinical care. This made Apothecary Shoppe the perfect partner for the Sisters of the Holy Cross that founded the medical center.

Kevin has built a practice focused on HIV and other infectious diseases, and today Apothecary Shoppe is the second largest provider in the state serving its third generation of patient families. Kevin describes his philosophy of taking on the hardest patient cases where pharmaceutical care and treatment can make the most difference. He requires his patients to buy-in and commit to the level of care they need to thrive, and he uses Rx30 Adherence tools to help manage his patients and target his interventions.

Kevin has had experience with several pharmacy systems. In 1999 he was forced to change vendors because Y2K had made his old system unsupportable. He upgraded to a system offered through a wholesaler, but over time discovered that he had high costs and a lack of support for his pharmacy. Already understanding the challenge and cost of converting a pharmacy, Kevin wanted a system that would save him money while providing a familiar look and feel designed to take him into the future. Kevin was surprised at Rx30’s value because he had been paying his vendor for every single call and label change needed to support his pharmacy.

“It is unbelievable a company the size of Rx30 can make promises and still deliver on them,” said Kevin. “I couldn’t run my pharmacy today without Rx30’s reporting, adherence tools, and workflow.”

“It is unbelievable a company the size of Rx30 can make promises and still deliver on them. I couldn’t run my pharmacy today without Rx30’s reporting, adherence tools, and workflow.”
Apothecary Shoppe was a specialty pharmacy before the phrase was coined in the industry. The patients have a critical need for medications at the right time, regardless of claim issues and filling delays. With large medication regimens containing as many as forty items, speed of service cannot impact patient safety.

Kevin and his team embraced Rx30’s integrated workflow. Because of prescription images that flow through the entire process, and because of bar-code scanning that double checks every medication pulled, Kevin and his team are always confident that the patient received the right dose and the right strength. His pharmacists really benefit from the integrated DUR messages that are reviewed in the final check, from the on-screen adherence meters for medication, and from the entire patient profile.

Kevin offered some great advice for pharmacists looking at technology: First, understand the conversion process and take advantage of an on-site trainer. Some vendors he reviewed required training classes but did not provide on-site training, which Rx30 does. Second, make sure you have the reporting tools you need or will need as you grow. Kevin found that, by working with Rx30 and their support team, he can always get to the information he needs. Third, most pharmacists are in the trenches five feet apart from the patient, and patients can see when you are dealing with claims and computer issues. In 15 years, Kevin shared, he has never walked away unhappy from an Rx30 customer service call.