Recognizing Innovative Digital Marketing: Komoto Pharmacy and Medicine Man Group Idaho

We have some shout outs for member pharmacies that are using digital marketing in innovative ways:

For their Website and Mobile App: Komoto Pharmacy
Komoto Pharmacy recently launched their user-friendly website that navigates people browsing their website to their mobile app. Their new website empowers patients to better connect with pharmacy services and resources. The added benefit of their enhanced digital services alleviates and streamlines the workflow of daily call volume.

For their Email Marketing: Medicine Man Group Idaho
Medicine Man Group Idaho uses attention grabbing emails to help their communities get patient care, to build brand awareness, to generate leads, and to provide education. The nine locations have built a strong presence in North Idaho. Creative promotions, like entering to win a fishing boat to incentivize newsletter signups, speak to the fun-loving personalities of these nine North Idaho pharmacies.