Vicki Nga-Phan, PharmD

Member Spotlight: WellnessRx Pharmacy

WellnessRx Pharmacy: San Diego, CA
Owner: Vicki Nga-Phan, PharmD

After working for CVS for 10 years, Vicki realized one day that she wanted a store of her own. She began to look for locations in San Diego. Despite not knowing anyone in the community, Vicki wanted to serve and be a part of it. Her new pharmacy, WellnessRx Pharmacy, offers services such as deliveries and OTC deliveries with or without a prescription. She plans to implement immunizations and MTMs.

“We don’t just fill prescriptions like the chain stores; we like to add the extra touch for the patient,” Vicki explained. Vicki takes pride in the trust she has earned from her patients, and she helps them navigate their way through questions related to all aspects of their health. Vicki is known to take extra time with her patients, especially her elderly patients. She sits down and helps them understand letters they bring her from their insurance companies and doctors. At WellnessRx, they want their patients to “Live healthy. Live well.”

Welcome WellnessRx Pharmacy to WSPC!