From left to right: Matt VanBuskirk, PharmD; Aaron Nakken, PharmD; Angela Hoff, Pharmacy Tech; Amber Roper, Pharmacy Tech; Bronson McBride, Pharmacy Tech; and Gary Nakken, PharmD, Owner.

Member Spotlight: Salmon Pharmacy

Salmon Pharmacy: Orem, UT
Owners: Gary Nakken, PharmD, and Colleen Nakken

Gary and Colleen Nakken own and operate Salmon Pharmacy and Premier Care, a long-term care pharmacy. Both are near the Provo River Canyon in Orem, Utah. After a successful career of owning and managing several pharmacies, husband and wife team Gary and Colleen bought Salmon Pharmacy in 2009. The two pharmacies provide multiple pharmacy services such as traditional retail, gifts, long-term care services, and compounding to the Orem community and surrounding area. They have created a pharmacy environment that feels like family and friends; pharmacy staff members greet patients by name, know their patients’ needs, and work to build a caring relationship.

The Nakkens have partnered with Matt Van Buskirk to continue the tradition of independent pharmacy. Matt and Aaron Nakken, Gary and Colleen’s sons, plan to continue and build their pharmacy services while providing the personalized patient care that is unique to independent pharmacy.