Michaelene Wilson, pharmacy tech; Marilyn Miller-Blessing, RPh; and Lori Kerr, pharmacy tech

Member Spotlight: Neil’s Pharmacy

Neil’s Pharmacy: Shelton, WA
Owner: Alex Legualt

Alex Legualt carries on the tradition of independent family health care. Located in the heart of Shelton, Washington, Neil’s Pharmacy has been providing community pharmacy services since 1932. Alex leads the next generation of Neil’s Good Neighbor Pharmacy because Neil’s Pharmacy “believes strongly in the Good Neighbor Pharmacy tagline ‘Locally Owned, Locally Operated, Locally Loved.’”

Alex grew up helping his father Albert “Ace” Legault, who bought Neil’s in 1986 and managed the store for six years. Recently, Alex took ownership and continues the WSPC partnership. Neil’s Pharmacy has an extensive retail store of over-the-counter, durable medical and gift items. They also provide much needed community services such as bubble packing, mail delivery, and delivery services to retirement communities. The Neil’s Pharmacy team provides premium patient and customer care with a genuine community welcome.