Member Spotlight: Falls Drug and Hardware

Owner: Jim Hunter, RPh

Location: St. Anthony, ID

Community family pharmacy runs deep in the Hunter family. Jim Hunter, the owner of Falls Drug and Hardware store, has been practicing pharmacy for 48 years. “Like many pharmacists, I grew up in a pharmacy,” said Jim of his experience. His list of close family pharmacist members includes his grandfather, uncle, daughter, granddaughter, and son, who is currently in pharmacy college.

Jim’s pharmacy business has evolved over the years, and he has owned three pharmacies during his career. He has added services and products to help meet the needs of the community he serves in South Eastern Idaho.

John marvels at how much pharmacy had changed from when he first started. His pharmacy combination business is like a general store, providing hardware, sporting goods, and hunting/fishing licenses. The pharmacy even serves as a bill drop-off location. He said that he has always had a soda fountain in his pharmacies and enjoys the atmosphere they create.

When asked about WSPC, Jim said, “I was impressed with WSPC’s vendor opportunities, like access to True Value Hardware, to add to my business.”