Jasmine Basrai, COO Haller’s Pharmacies

Empathy, Accuracy, and Timeliness are Haller’s Trademarks

Bob Dominguez Achievement Award Nominee

By Mike Maltais

Empathy. Accuracy. Timely. These are the guiding principles of Haller’s Group of Pharmacies that serve East Bay communities through their nine stores in Salinas, Gilroy, and Fremont, California. Jasmine Basrai, Chief Operating Officer, oversees Haller’s range of services and products including hospice care, compounding, retail services, medical equipment, 340B services, Medicare Part D consulting, and home delivery. The message on the store answering service even offers to deliver patient prescriptions to the parking lot.

Walt kept his business open every day of the year—even Christmas—because, as he would frequently say, “Sick people don’t have holidays.”
Founded in 1957 by Walt and Lenna Belle Haller, the network of stores started out with the purchase of a small Rexall pharmacy in Newark, California.

Walt kept his business open every day of the year—even Christmas—because, as he would frequently say, “Sick people don’t have holidays.” The store’s website, www.hallerspharmacy.com, notes that he also opened his store at all hours of the night to fill prescriptions if a doctor called.

Staff at Hallers Pharmacy

(Left) Gary Basrai, RPh Jasmine Basrai, COO and Congressman and former 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Eric Swalwell discuss community pharmacy and challenges with PBMs. (Right) Haller’s Pharmacy supports the annual HERS Breast Cancer Foundation Walk and Gala. Karla Harper, Melina Ortiz Torres and Farah Khan, staff the Haller’s booth at the event.

Haller’s trademark dedication continues through Jasmine’s innovative management style. She has implemented health fairs and wellness days, encouraging staff at all Haller’s store sites to become involved at their local community level. When Jasmine attends trade shows, like the Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) show in Florida or the DME show in Las Vegas, she often takes staff members along to broaden their exposure.

Jasmine introduced monitoring and compliance procedures at each store location so she and the store staff can evaluate performance, service, and sales levels on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

While she has revamped the business marketing approach to appeal to both providers and customers, Jasmine says Haller’s most effective sales and marketing people are its employees.

They offer Medicare Part D prescription plan consultations and low-cost medications through the 340B drug discount program. With everything from compounding to pet care, Haller’s proactive preventive care extends to immunizations, flu, and strep testing; diabetes screening and treatment; and wellness counseling.

Jasmine is particularly excited about working with AmerisourceBergen’s SOCI social media.