Decision Automation for Pharmacies—Technology Empowering Humanity

The patient population is increasing, but the number of primary care physicians is not keeping pace. Studies predict a shortage of up to 121,300 physicians by 2030. To address this shortfall, some states are empowering pharmacists to take on more primary care activities. For example, Idaho has empowered pharmacists to prescribe for a range of healthcare conditions to address the fact that the state ranks 49th in physicians per capita. This is a good solution, because nine in 10 Americans live within five miles of a pharmacy. The pharmacist’s importance as a healthcare provider will continue to grow.

Nonetheless, identifying patients in need of support takes time and effort many pharmacists may not be able to easily provide. Be it close to home, close to work, or via the mail, the number of options for patients is continually growing. This is where technology can save the day: With decision automation technology, pharmacies can free up pharmacists’ time to provide clinical and value-based care services that are important to the health of their communities.

With decision automation technology, pharmacies can free up pharmacists’ time to provide clinical and value-based care services that are important to the health of their communities.
Amplicare is the leading decision-automation platform that intelligently identifies relevant opportunities for healthcare providers to proactively improve patient care. It provides pharmacists with tools to efficiently identify patients in need of their support. As a result, Amplicare clients have increased the number of clinical interventions exponentially.

Joslyn Stum, PharmD. at Cleland Pharmacy and WSPC member, has been using Amplicare since 2015. Here’s what she had to say about how the platform has supported her pharmacy in caring for her community:

“It’s incredibly important to keep patients compliant with their medication, and Amplicare is a great support for that. We always go above and beyond to make sure our patients stay on track with what they have on their prescription and find a good platform invaluable in our efforts.”

Previously known as iMedicare, the company built the first Part D plan comparison tool that aimed to “remove the nonsense” around prescription drug coverage. At a time of massive healthcare consolidation and heated partisan debate, patients and healthcare providers are suffering the most—losing money, and getting tangled in bureaucratic hurdles instead of caring for health. So a more well-balanced approach was needed. That is why the company amplified it’s reach and rebranded to Amplicare.

Currently, the platform is being used by over 5,000 pharmacies across the country to:

  • Improve patient adherence with Amplicare Impact (which allows pharmacists to report on non-adherent patients, so the pharmacist can easily add them to Med Sync) and Amplicare Connect (which is an automated phone call tool that reminds patients to pick up their medication).
  • Diminish prescription side effects with Amplicare Restore (which provides prescription-appropriate supplement recommendations), Amplicare Impact (which provides gap therapy reports) and Amplicare Connect (which is a reach-out tool that enables custom phone call campaigns)
  • Build on the quality relationship between pharmacy and patient with Amplicare Connect (which enables pharmacists to reach out to patients to say Happy Birthday or remind them about their refills), Amplicare Impact (which helps pharmacists know which patients need clinical advice and helps pharmacists prioritize time to support patients in managing their treatment) and iMedicare (which provides patient support for Medicare Enrollment).

To learn more about Amplicare, visit or send an email to [email protected].