Community Connection: Malheur Drug

Vale, Oregon
Owners: Jennifer Tolman, PharmD, and Adam Tolman

“Without Jen and Adam, affordable pharmacy care would be very limited in the region.”
Malheur Drug has served the community since 1954. Owners Jen and Adam go above and beyond in their hometown. Together, they operate Malheur Drug: Jen is the pharmacist and Adam manages the store. Being in a rural setting, they have found uniquely valued products, services, and programs that make Malheur Drug an active community hub.

Jen enjoys community pharmacy care and is key in keeping healthcare available to their community. This includes offering 340B services. “We love our community and want to make it better,” said Jen. “It is important to ensure it for the future and continue our way of life.”

Malheur Pharmacy

From left to right: Adam Tolman, and Jennifer Tolman, PharmD, Owners

Bob Davis, PA of Valley Family Healthcare, said, “Without Jen and Adam, affordable pharmacy care would be very limited in the region.”

Malheur Drug is a go-to destination, much like a Western-style general store, with one-stop shopping. Upon entering the pharmacy, there is a welcome sense of family. The pharmacy includes Melissa and Doug toys, giftware and accessories, fishing poles, sports gear for active outdoorsman, and even a Radio Shack, offering inspiration for the wish lists of kids of all ages.

In their tight-knit community, Malheur Drug hosts events that bring families and friends together. Their programs and partnerships include:

  • Youth Community Night: Hosted at the high school on one weekend night, kids enjoy an evening filled with food, games, and entertainment.
  • Customer Appreciation Day: The entire community is invited for lunch cooked by the local sheriff.
  • Moonlight Madness: This annual holiday shopping event opens in the evening with special sales and discounts. They have giveaways and other promotions during this event.
  • Kids Shopping Event: Kids can come in and shop for Christmas presents for their family. High-school volunteers help walk the younger kids around the store to shop and pick out gifts. A big attraction is free pictures with Santa!
  • Giving Tree: During the holidays, the pharmacy hosts a giving tree. On this tree are item tags for people in need. People may select a tag and before a set date they bring those gifts into the pharmacy. The staff then organize, wrap, and make sure that these items get to the intended individuals.
  • Charity Jar: Pharmacy employees have the option to pay $1.00 to wear jeans to work on Fridays. They decide in December how to donate the money. This can include: purchasing for the giving tree, donating to the community New Year’s Eve fireworks show, donating to the local food bank, or paying a patient’s copay when they cannot. (One patient was so grateful for the $1.25 they gave her that she brought homemade cinnamon rolls for the staff the following week.)

Jen and Adam focus on their community’s unique needs. Like many independent pharmacies and businesses, they face the challenges of providing health and retail services. They serve their patients and community through their dedication to patients, community support, and saying thank you.