The 8 Best Ways to Communicate with Patients

By Frieda Wiley, PharmD, BCGP, RPh, DrugTopics Did you know that, even though 99% of Americans are reportedly able to read and write to some degree, 21% of Americans can only understand the most basic information? This means that for many of your patients, simply handing over a sheet of dense safety information or quickly… Read more »

Best Practices for Facebook and Instagram

By Andrew Hutchinson, Social Media Today Facebook has launched a new best practices guide for both Facebook and Instagram, which covers all the key basics of each platform, and includes some interesting notes, particularly in the wider context of the company’s more recent shifts. Some of those notes of interest include: All about community – Facebook says that… Read more »

Protect Your Pharmacy

Pharmacies on the Front Line In the mid-90s, trends in healthcare shifted away from treatment and towards prescriptions, and aggressive marketing of drugs such as Oxycontin resulted in physicians being more lenient about prescribing opioids. As opioid use became normalized, prescription drug abuse and addiction skyrocketed to epidemic proportions. The number of people abusing prescription… Read more »

Pharmacy within a medical clinic

Community-Based Pharmacists Well Positioned for Heart Health Care Teams

“The beauty of a pharmacist-led clinic is that patients can come in and see us more frequently for monitoring and to address any questions or concerns they have regarding their medication regimen.” Victoryn Williams, PharmD, MBA, often sees patients with hypertension who avoid their medication regimen. Normally, that’s caused by adverse effects from their prescribed… Read more »

Your Brand = CONSISTENT Customer Service

Customers care about consistency. Three experts share tips for building your independent pharmacy business, delighting your customers, and establishing a successful brand. According to, a brand is a “unique design, sign, symbol, words, or a combination of these, employed in creating an image that identifies a product and differentiates it from its competitors.” After… Read more »

The Importance of Focusing on the Positive (or Opportunity)

Robbie Leark, PharmD, services three communities in Southern California. Burt’s Pharmacy and Compounding Lab is in Newbury Park, Plaza Pharmacy is in Thousand Oaks, and a third pharmacy on the way will service Westlake Village. Though each location offers different services based on the community they serve and size of the store, all patients have… Read more »

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Enhance and Streamline Your Business with WSPC’s Ancillary Suppliers

By Vince Cardinale, RPh, Executive Vice President Supplier Relations, WSPC Did you know WSPC offers services and solutions that bring you additional opportunities to grow and enhance your business? We do this by vetting ancillary suppliers for you, to ensure quality services and products that can save you money operationally. We also search for products that… Read more »

Did You Know the Medicare Part D Program Is Open to Any Willing Pharmacy?

Peter J. Kounelis, R.Ph., Vice President Elevate Provider Network One of the fundamental provisions of the Medicare Part D program is that any pharmacy provider can participate in all Part D networks at the Standard Cost Share level, as long as they accept and meet each plan sponsors’ standard terms and conditions. This is applicable… Read more »

Improving a Community Pharmacy’s Digital Presence

By April Onufrak, Specialist, Digital and Web Media, AmerisourceBergen Twenty years ago, finding an independent pharmacy required thumbing through the local Yellow Pages and pulling out a physical map to pinpoint the address. Outside of the pharmacy’s name and address, patients had limited access to additional information – no reviews, outside of word-of-mouth recommendations, no… Read more »

Download Tools to Help Fight the Opioid Epidemic

The American Medical Association offers downloadable materials through its End the Epidemic campaign. Check out a variety of materials, including social media posts, sample blogs, banner ads, press releases and more in the AMA Treatment Toolkit. Visit the Toolkit here