NCPDP Profile Expansion-Complete Your Profile Sooner than Later!

NCPDP is waiving the $250 fee for Pharmacies that update their NCPDP Profile in 2017. To take advantage of the fee waiver, and keep your credentialing up-to-date, Elevate highly recommends that you complete the following steps by September 30, 2017: Visit the NCPDP Profile Portal. Login with your previously assigned username and password Note: If… Read more »

Leif Holm

Front End Advice from the Great #AlaskaApothecaryAdventure

Leif Holm says that, like pharmacies everywhere, he is dealing with shrinking margins. To combat this, he does everything he can to control costs: uses Elevate as his PSAO; and makes a concerted effort to find new ways to grow front end sales. North Pole Prescription Lab is an apothecary type pharmacy, so Holm has… Read more »


WSPC Annual Executive Board and Leadership Meeting

By Jerry Van Pevenage, RPh, WSPC Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer The executive board and leadership team met February 7- 9 in Scottsdale, Arizona, for the Annual Leadership and Membership Meetings. Among the topics discussed were strategic planning, financial reports, supplier updates, strategic business managers’ activity, and communication updates for WSPC members for… Read more »

Seven Ways To Grow Front-End Profits By Thinking Like a Retailer, Danny Nelson, Director of Business Coaching, AmerisourceBergen Though prescription sales account for as much as 95 percent of a typical independent pharmacy’s annual revenue, the average margins on front-end merchandise are 15 percent higher than the margins on prescription sales.1 Despite such large margins, independent pharmacies either don’t have the time or the knowledge… Read more »


New WSPC Supplier Partners Means More Benefits to Members

WSPC’s Executive Vice President of Supplier Relations Vince Cardinale, RPh, has been negotiating with suppliers on your behalf, and thanks to those negotiations, we have a number of great opportunities that you will want to take advantage of! Our goal at WSPC is to put together a host of suppliers that add value to your… Read more »

US Capitol Building

Inspiring Advocacy Event at ThoughtSpot 2017

Join AmerisourceBergen for an Inspiring Advocacy Event at ThoughtSpot 2017! Representative Doug Collins, 9th District of Georgia, and NCPA CEO Doug Hoey will be joined by an esteemed group of AmerisourceBergen panelists to discuss the current state of affairs in independent pharmacy and what you can do to lend your voice to advocate policy change… Read more »

Community pharmacists can help spot depression, improve outcomes

Major depressive disorder, also known simply as depression, is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States. The National Institutes of Health estimates that 16.1 million American adults had at least one major depressive episode in 2015—representing 6.7% of all U.S. adults that year. As front line health care providers, community pharmacists… Read more »

Del Norte Pharmacy logo

Good Neighbor Pharmacy: Expert Guidance that adds to your Bottom Line

“The majority of positive changes I have implemented in my pharmacy can be sourced directly to the education I have received from my business coach.”  – Brian L. Hunt, Pharm.D., Del Norte Pharmacies of New Mexico As a member of Good Neighbor Pharmacy® Premier, you’ll have access to experienced business coaches who are trusted advisors and… Read more »

Bruce Kneeland presenting checks

NEW! Elevate Reconciliation 2.0

Elevate Reconciliation is getting a major upgrade! The new system is set to launch on Monday, June 5, and will make the claims reconciliation process even simpler! This new version includes several upgrades that will allow you to review claims and reconcile payments with ease. Most importantly, ElevateReconciliation 2.0 is claim-centric, rather than payment-centric, allowing… Read more »