Celebrate Independents: WSPC Renews NCPA Membership Benefits

Celebrate independents! As part of WSPC’s mission to provide outstanding pharmacies with a competitive edge, WSPC continues to invest in our members with NCPA membership.  All performing WSPC members now receive an NCPA annual membership, a value of $395, giving WSPC members a key advocate and business partner. Why is WSPC offering this benefit to… Read more »

Laguna Drug

Creating Lasting Patient Loyalty

From KnowledgeDriven.com, Christine Lane, Vice President, Good Neighbor Pharmacy®  Note: Excerpt below, full story and additional detail for each of the seven tips is available on AmerisourceBergen’s industry resource KnowledgeDriven.com. Independent community pharmacists know how much value they add to the community and the quality of care they bring to their patients. The question is: How… Read more »

Vicki Nga-Phan, PharmD

Member Spotlight: WellnessRx Pharmacy

WellnessRx Pharmacy: San Diego, CA Owner: Vicki Nga-Phan, PharmD After working for CVS for 10 years, Vicki realized one day that she wanted a store of her own. She began to look for locations in San Diego. Despite not knowing anyone in the community, Vicki wanted to serve and be a part of it. Her… Read more »

From left to right: Matt VanBuskirk, PharmD; Aaron Nakken, PharmD; Angela Hoff, Pharmacy Tech; Amber Roper, Pharmacy Tech; Bronson McBride, Pharmacy Tech; and Gary Nakken, PharmD, Owner.

Member Spotlight: Salmon Pharmacy

Salmon Pharmacy: Orem, UT Owners: Gary Nakken, PharmD, and Colleen Nakken Gary and Colleen Nakken own and operate Salmon Pharmacy and Premier Care, a long-term care pharmacy. Both are near the Provo River Canyon in Orem, Utah. After a successful career of owning and managing several pharmacies, husband and wife team Gary and Colleen bought… Read more »

Special Discount: Owners, Managers, Staff Pharmacists and Technicians can save $150 on NCPA Annual Convention Rates!

Join other successful community pharmacists for peer-tested solutions to boost your bottom line, reduce costs, and bring new patients into your pharmacy. The NCPA Annual Convention, Oct. 14-18, 2017 in Orlando, Fla., offers ideas and solutions that translate into profits with our three dimensions of programming. Plus, attendees can access more than $94,000 in savings with hot deals… Read more »

From left to right: Desiree Williams, Pharmacy Tech; Linzey Culver, PharmD; Alicia Godkin, Operations Manager; Marisa Guizio, Pharmacy Tech; and Jessica Stevens, Pharmacy Tech.

Member Spotlight: Ron’s Apothecary Shoppe and Foodland Drug

Ron’s Apothecary Shoppe and Foodland Drug: Juneau, AK Owners: Scott Watts, RPh, and Gretchen Watts Good Neighbor Pharmacy® expands to Juneau, Alaska. Scott and Gretchen Watts own and operate two independent pharmacies, Ron’s Apothecary and Foodland Drug, in the picturesque southeastern Alaskan community. Their pharmacies embody the meaning of a true community pharmacy, and Scott… Read more »

The Top Five Things to Get Right When You Buy a Pharmacy

By Robert Leark, PharmD, WSPC Board Member You’re considering buying a pharmacy. Congratulations on this exciting next step! Here are the top five important considerations when navigating the purchase process. #1 The Confidentiality Agreement The sale of a business is confidential. As the buyer, you will need to review many financial and prescription records and… Read more »

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Finding Success with the Perfect Partners: Dana and Toby Porter

These three pharmacies have fought decreasing reimbursements and found unique ways to increase gross profits through distinctive products and offerings. Owners: Dana Porter, MBA and Toby Porter Dana and Toby Porter have lived their lives in the family business of pharmacy. Though neither is a pharmacist, they have found their niche in pharmacy by surrounding… Read more »

Pharmacare at Straub Medical Center From left to right: Gregory O’Malley, Jessica Young, Tina Acopan, Jaqueline Lim, and Robert Lau, pharmacy manager Yukumoto, Pharmacy Manager).

Pharmacare Hawaii

Pharmacare Hawaii: Oahu, HI Owners: Byron Yoshino, PharmD, President and Rick Sakurada RPh, Executive Vice President Director of Community Pharmacy Services: Brandy Shima, PharmD Marketing Manager: Marc Inouye Pharmacare’s roots began to grow when it was founded in April 1927, known then as Yoshino Drug Store. Years later in September 1959, current President & CEO… Read more »